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Bamboo Leaf Ramekin Bowl

Case 1000 pieces (20 x 50 pieces)


This collection presents both plating and food as art, while remaining eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable. Whether serving a delicious amuse bouche in one of our tasting spoons, or a small soup in a Zebra ramekin, this line's jungle inspired look elevates and refines all meals. Our Bamboo Leaf Mini Bowls are: Ideal for cocktails, picnics, barbecues and pool side service 100 % biodegradable Made from multiple layers of Bamboo leaf ���

Dimentions: 2oz - 59ml 2.75" 70mmH : 1.18" 30mm 1.50 fl.oz - 44mlx 1000 pieces (20 x 50 pcs)