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Chefs: How To Extend Your Busy Summer Season into the Fall

Chefs: How To Extend Your Busy Summer Season into the Fall

s we enter September, chefs are probably breathing a sigh of relief knowing that the hectic days of summer are soon behind us. July and August are usually the most prosperous months for food industry professionals, so come September, a well deserved vacation is definitely in order!

Thirty Bench Wine Makers Pictured: Wood Cocktail Fork

However, around this time of year we also find ourselves thinking “Wouldn’t it be great if every season was as busy as summer?”. Well, Klover Sales has found a few ways to keep that summer momentum going all the way until the busy holiday season. We have compiled a list of our tips for caterers and executive chefs on how to keep those orders coming from customers as the temperature cools down.


We hope you managed to find the time to photograph some of those fabulous weddings you catered this summer. And if you didn’t, consider taking the time to contact your customers and guests or visit their website to find photos that showcase your plating skills.


Photographs are often the first thing customers look at when it comes to picking a caterer or restaurant. By dedicating time to your company’s website photo gallery, you can attract more business and new clients throughout the fall.

If you used some of our eco-friendly products, don’t forget to hashtag #KloverSales when you post photos!


How about all of those generous thank you emails and notes you received after catering an event? Use some of your spare moments in September to go through your inbox and request permission to share these kind words on your website and social media accounts. Recommendations and reviews are a great way to add credibility to your food service business.


Restaurants may want to check websites like Yelp to see what customers thought of your summer menu. There are sure to be new updates after the busy summer you had, which can then be shared online with your followers.

New Products

The most important way to keep business steady during fall is to introduce new products to your business as soon as summer ends. Refreshing your menu is important during this time, as is changing up your food display.

Browse through our selection of Minis to find some quick and easy to use pieces for serving appetizers, or order from our new Black Bamboo Collection. Keeping customers excited by your creations after the summer rush is key to maintaining the high volume of traffic experienced between June and August.