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What You Need: Food Festivals and Tasting Events

What You Need: Food Festivals and Tasting Events

Over the last few years specialty food festivals have taken Canadian cities by storm. From the Sip n’Slurp Ottawa NoodleFest to Toronto’s Grilled Cheese Fest, new tasting events focusing on niche cuisine are drawing huge audience in every city.

One of the biggest obstacles for chefs at a food festival is achieving the same beautiful plates they serve up inside their restaurants using only disposable tableware.

A Styrofoam plate or container paired with a plain plastic fork can easily distract from a chef's beautiful and delicious food. On top of that, consumers are becoming more conscious of the negative impact that styrofoam and non-recyclable containers have on the environment.

In order to do your dishes justice and create an appetizing and eye-catching display at your next food festival, make sure to stock up on the following eco-friendly, disposable, chef supplies:


When it comes to serving small single portions in a disposable yet attractive dish, boats are the number 1 choice for chefs. Made from bamboo or wood, Klover Sales boats are 100% biodegradable and create beautiful food displays that will keep your dish looking fresh outside the restaurant. 

Wood Forks/Picks

Disposable plastic forks are a universally used utensil for food trucks and festivals, but if you are looking for an eco-friendly alternative, you should use the Wood Fork or Wood Mini Spork. The wooden material will add an upscale and earthy feel to your dishes, enhancing the entire plate.

Sugarcane Dishes

As a professional chef it is likely that you will be serving at several formal food festivals or galas throughout the year. Rather than transport heavy dishes back and forth, use eco-friendly sugarcane trays and mini dishes. This super-affordable material is new to the Klover Sales line, with sleek new mini dishes that resemble ceramic, but is both lightweight and disposable.

Wood and Bamboo Plates

If you are looking to stand out amongst other vendors at a festival or food centered event, using wood or bamboo plates is the easiest way to do so. The natural pattern created by the eco-friendly material gives dishes an elegant touch, and your customers will appreciate that you are being environmentally conscious.