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Anniversaries: Unforgettable tableware to celebrate your special day

As we journey through life, certain moments stand out as milestones, marking our achievements, growth, and love. Anniversaries are one such occasion—a time to reflect on cherished memories and celebrate the journey together. At Klover, we believe that every milestone deserves a celebration that not only honours the moment but also honours our planet.

We are your partner for anniversary celebrations

Since 2007, Klover has proudly served Canada's top chefs, caterers, and restaurants. With over a decade of experience, we bring unmatched expertise to every anniversary celebration. Whether celebrating the first year together or commemorating decades of love and partnership, let us be your partner in planning a sustainable anniversary celebration that leaves a positive impact on the world. Our versatile eco-friendly tableware options ensure you can craft the perfect ambiance for every moment of the celebration. 

Seeking the perfect products?

When it comes to setting the ambiance for an anniversary celebration, the choices can be overwhelming. We make it easy, with our tailored product selection quiz that can help you select the perfect eco-friendly tableware for your client’s special day. Alternatively, you can reach out to us at 416-900-4112 for a quick chat with one of our experts to discuss your unique needs.

Boats Collection: Crafted from eco-friendly materials like bamboo or palm leaf, our serving boats allow you to showcase your culinary masterpieces with style and flair.

Cupoly Collection: Crafted from Tritan plastic, our Cupoly collection offers the look and feel of glass without the risk of breakages as everyone’s toasting the happy couple.

Buffet Tableware Collection: With a focus on durability, ease of use, and aesthetic appeal, our buffet tableware ensures that every dish is presented with care.