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Make your charity fundraiser unforgettable with eco-friendly tableware

At Klover, we recognize that a charity fundraiser is more than just an event – it's an opportunity to make a lasting impact. As organizers, hosts, and catering professionals, you strive to create a memorable experience for your guests while maximizing the funds raised for the cause. That's why we're here to offer eco-friendly alternatives to disposable tableware that will enhance the charm of your client’s fundraiser.

Your partner for successful charity events

With over a decade of experience serving Canada's top chefs, caterers, and event organizers, Klover is your trusted partner for creating unforgettable charity fundraisers. Whether you're hosting a formal gala dinner, a cocktail reception, or a casual outdoor event, our eco-friendly tableware options are designed to elevate the ambiance while aligning with your commitment to sustainability. Partner with us to host charity events that leave a lasting impression.

Discover the perfect products for a fundraiser

Choosing the right tableware for your client’s charity fundraiser can be overwhelming, but we're here to help. Take our product selection quiz to find the perfect eco-friendly options for any event. Alternatively, you can reach out to us at 416-900-4112 to speak with one of our experts who can assist you in selecting the ideal tableware to complement your client’s fundraiser's theme and atmosphere.

Ceramic Dinnerware Collection: Elevate your fundraiser's dining experience with our elegant and durable ceramic pieces, perfect for sit-down dinners and formal events.

Appetizer and Skewers Collections: Serve up delicious appetizers and snacks with our bamboo and palm-based collections, crafted from renewable resources to minimize environmental impact.

Displays: Choosing the right displays can enhance the presentation of your culinary delights. Our versatile options are perfect for showcasing appetizers, desserts, and everything in between, adding an extra touch of elegance to your next event.