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Compostable Paper Cup Single Wall


Compostable Paper Cup Single Wall - 12oz (1000 pieces) - D: 90mm/3.5"; H: 110mm/4.4" This item is special order and we will order it in for you. ETA is approximately 2 weeks and we will ship as soon as it arrives.


Our disposable and 100% biodegradable Nature Paper Cups are great for catered events, restaurants, coffee shops and more! Available in 5 sizes:

4oz - D: 60mm/2.4"; H: 60mm/2.4" (1000 pieces per case)

8oz - D: 80mm/3.1"; H: 90mm/3.5" (1000 pieces per case)

12oz - D: 90mm/3.5"; H: 110mm/4.4" (1000 pieces per case)

16oz - D: 90mm/3.5"; H: 130mm/5.3" (1000 pieces per case)

20oz - D: 90mm/3.5"; H: 160mm/6.3" (500 pieces per case)


Optional lids are also available: 

4oz - 210LGDW4, 210LPAP62W

8oz - 210LGDW8, 210LPU80D, 210LPAP80W, 210LPAP80K

12oz - 210LGDW16, 210LPLAS8, 210LSOUP8, 210SOUPLPP90, 210LPAP90K

16oz - 210LGDW16210LPLAS8210LSOUP8210SOUPLPP90210LPAP90K

20oz - 210LGDW16210LPLAS8210LSOUP8210SOUPLPP90210LPAP90K

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