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Surat - Bamboo Flat Fork

Case 500 pieces (10 x 50 pieces)


The "Surat" Bamboo Flat Fork is great for pairing with small dishes or amuse-bouche to assist party guests or restaurant goers with eating delicate bites. The thin fork end makes the "Surat" Bamboo Flat Fork great for oysters, escargot, or any shell dish. They can also be used on their own with a single hors d'oeuvre bite skewered securely on the end. 100% natural and Bioderadable Very sturdy Smooth finish Perfect to match mini bambooappetizer dishes Dimensions 6.5" or 165mm Our bamboo cutlery offers a more refined and stylishsilverware alternative. Adding a unique touch to anyfood that they are served with. This line includes severalspecialty items including tongs and our unique pre-filled mini bamboo salt andpepper shakers.