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TEPPO GUSHI Bamboo Paddle Pick


Package Size

These unique skewers enable beautiful hors-d'oeuvres presentation, compatible with the many Klover Sales pick displays. Loved by Canada top restaurants and caterers for making beautiful hors d'oeuvre displays with colorful cubes of cheese, bright fresh fruit, or small, hot finger foods that are easy for guests to grab and snack on. This skewer is the perfect disposable serving utensil for any occasion. Our TEPPO GUSHI - Bamboo Paddle Pick is: 100% natural and biodegradable Fits most skewers & picks Great for passing hors d'oeuvres Ideal for buffet presentations, upscale events & cocktails TEPPO GUSHI - is available in 6 sizes: 2.75" / 70mm 3.5" / 90mm 4.1" / 105mm 4.7" / 120mm 5.9" / 150mm 7.1" / 180mm

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