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Wood Boat



Our biodegradable and disposable wooden, boat-shaped bowls are multi-purpose and can be used either as a serving dish or food display. They're an elegant way to make a statement at any event or at home. The smallest boats are perfect for presenting hors d'oeuvres (and look amazing on the wood trays!). Larger boats can be used for sandwiches, sushi, panini, cookies, and desserts. Available in various sizes:

0.5oz - Top: 68mm/2.7"; Bottom: 30mm/1.1"; W: 30mm/1.1"; H: 20mm/0.75"

1oz - Top: 75mm/2.9"; Bottom: 37mm/1.5"; W: 33mm/1.3"; H: 20mm/0.75"

2.5oz - Top: 95mm/3.75"; Bottom: 43mm/1.7"; W: 40mm/1.6"; H: 33mm/1.3"

3.5oz - Top: 140mm/5.5"; Bottom: 80mm/3.2"; W: 55mm/2.2"; H: 22mm/0.9"

5oz - Top: 200mm/7.7"; Bottom: 92mm/3.6"; W: 55mm/2.2"; H: 30mm/1.2"

12oz - Top: 220mm/8.7"; Bottom: 110mm/4.5"; W: 70mm/2.8"; H: 30mm/1.2"

14oz- Top: 250mm/9.7; W: 110mm/4.5"; H: 90mm/3.5"

18oz - Top: 350mm/13.75"; Bottom: 220mm/8.7"; W: 70mm/2.8"; 32mm/1.25"

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