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4 Wedding Trends for 2023 That Have Caught Our Attention

4 Wedding Trends for 2023 That Have Caught Our Attention

Ah, we love a good wedding. Surrounded by friends, family, good food and drink, and all gathered together in the name of love - what’s not to love!? 

Weddings are fun, but also a considerable amount of planning for those getting hitched. If you’re tying the knot in 2023, here are four wedding trends set to be big in 2023. 

Males of Honour 

2022 was the year for post-pandemic weddings. Having spent so much time away from friends and family during quarantine, the pandemic has initiated a time of reflection for us all, brides included. It’s only natural that we want the people we love the most, no matter who they are, to be involved in our special day. That said, be ready for a rise in males of honour and flower boys at ceremonies. 

Sustainable Weddings 

Personally, as an eco-friendly company, we are pleased to anticipate sustainability as being a core focus for weddings in 2023. We predict that there will be a rise in thrifty brides who will be reusing aspects of their day at different points in the ceremony. Be prepared to see wedding bouquets used as table flower arrangements, eco-friendly menus with locally sourced produce, and a reduced waste policy in 2023. 


Our sources tell us that searches for pearl wedding dresses have dramatically increased during 2022, which leads us to believe that gone are the days of Bridgerton-inspired gowns and that 2023 will mark the year of the pearl. Whether it’s on the shoes, the gown, or the veil, we can’t wait to see how brides incorporate this beautiful gem onto their dream dresses for their dream day. 

Local Weddings 

In 2019, when COVID-19 was just a figment of our imagination, destination weddings took the bridal industry by storm. However, after COVID-19 hit, all those beautiful wedding ceremonies sadly had to be cancelled or many loved ones couldn’t make the big day. Additionally, with sustainability becoming a key focus for the wedding industry in 2023, expect to see more weddings based at home to avoid racking up those air miles. 

We hope this gave you an insight into what to expect for wedding trends in 2023. If you want to wow your guests with delectable goods presented in unique and eco-friendly ways, check out our environmentally-friendly products ahead of time for your big day!