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How to Satisfy Customer's New Year Health Kick

How to Satisfy Customer's New Year Health Kick

After a long holiday season serving up hearty meals and dessert buffets, caterers and chefs tend to see a major turn-around in food requests during January. It’s no secret that January is the month where most people are making a concerted effort to eat healthy.

As a food industry professional, you are tasked with finding a way to adapt to these changing consumer demands. Creating a brand new menu for the short period of time between Christmas and spring may not be an option, so Klover Sales is here to help.

Our products can enhance the presentation of healthier food options you already serve, transforming them into the centerpiece of your menu, which will please health-conscious guests.


The first suggestion most nutritionist will make to anyone looking to improve his or her diet is to eat a healthy breakfast every morning. This usually means eating granola or oats with a mixture of yogurt and fruit.

In addition to serving an eye catching fruit platter, chefs can use Klover Sales new line of Mini Glass Seal Jars to make breakfast parfaits that are beautiful and delicious.


The trendy mason jar look made popular on Pinterest will allow you to show off the layers of granola and yogurt, creating a food display that is eye-catching and healthy.


Restaurants that offer take away food options may notice that customers are opting for take out salads over sandwiches in January. This may become a concern since salads generally require more packaging.


Klover Sales offers a huge range of packaging solutions that are both eco-friendly and attractive. Our Kray boxes, which come in white and brown, are available in several sizes, and come with a large see-through Window Lid for optimal product visibility.


For those catering lunches with a big demand for salad options, Klover Sales Sugarcane Bowlsand Bamboo Tongs are an excellent way to serve your guests health foods in a stylish and affordable way.


As opposed to the holiday parties where multi-course seated or buffet style meals were expected, January and February may see a rise in a request for hors d’oeuvre or appetizer only events. 

If customers are looking for a tapas style menu as a lighter option, chefs can use this opportunity to incorporate Klover Sales impressive live of unique Mini Dishes into their menu.


Our Mini Dishes in Bamboo are beautifully crafted and will attract attention and praise from party guests, allowing you to serve smaller portions without sacrificing presentation.